mountaineering trailblazer

A trailblazer in the very literal sense of the word, Lizzie Le Blond was one of the first generations of women to take part in the sport of mountaineering, breaking societal rules to do so. Born Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed, the only child of Captain and Mrs Hawkins-Whitshed of Killincarrick House in Greystones, County Wicklow, she inherited the family estate at the age of 11 after her father’s death in 1871. She married Colonel Frederick Burnaby, a soldier, adventurer and author, in 1879. Shortly after the wedding,…Continue Reading “History’s Rebel Girls – Lizzie Le Blond”

Historian and activist Gerda Lerner can be credited with making women’s and gender history a recognised research subject. Lerner said, when she started working on women’s history in the 1960’s, the field did not exist. It was not a recognised area of research, and according to Lerner, people didn’t think women had a history worth knowing. Her professors thought she was wasting her talents pursuing an exotic specialty. ‘Men develop ideas and systems of explanation by absorbing past knowledge and critiquing and superseding it. Women,…Continue Reading “History’s Rebel Girls – Gerda Lerner”


As #MeToo was making the rounds online and I was reading stories from friends and strangers, I thought to myself, how lucky am I not to have experienced horrendous sexual assaults or harassment. Sure, I’ve been flashed as a kid by a stranger on my way home from primary school. Of course I’ve had some old fella on the bus grope my ass. A flirtatious taxi driver locking his car doors on me, telling me how pretty I am and asking if I was single…Continue Reading “#MeToo”


As I saw #FeministsAreEverywhere trending on Twitter ahead of the AGM of the National Women’s Council of Ireland tomorrow 8 June 2017, asking people to comment on why they are feminists, I was wrecking my head to come up with a good response. But somehow I couldn’t think of anything. I guess I’ve always felt like I’ve been a feminist but I never really questioned it or was able to pin point a moment when I decided to become one. I started looking back on…Continue Reading “Why I am a feminist”

The Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On is a spin off series of the 2015 documentary of the same title. It sets out to explore some aspects of the porn industry and also delves into how sex and dating have changed in a digital age. The original feature length documentary received some criticism for its generally negative and unbalanced portrayal of the porn industry. Therefore, filmmakers attempted to show the good and bad sides of adult entertainment in their follow up six part series,…Continue Reading “Review – Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On”

Hey there, how often do you wank off to porn? What? Is that question too personal to ask? I admit, it may not be the most subtle of conversation openers but I’ve always been quite socially awkward. I’ve been thinking about porn a lot lately. This has been mainly due to not getting any action in real life and because of the Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted and its spin off series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. Both set out to explore some aspects of…Continue Reading “How do I feel about porn”

iwd women's day

Today marks Mother’s Day in Ireland. The early Christian tradition of Mothering Sunday, celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, is used today to acknowledge the achievements of mothers and to flog a few greeting cards along the way. I’m being very cynical here, I know. From what I can observe from my Irish friends, Mother’s Day is often celebrated as a genuine expression of love for their mothers and a way of thanking them for all they have done. It’s a day where the…Continue Reading “Women’s or Mother’s Day?”

sheehy skeffington

Irish suffragette Hanna Sheehy Skeffington (1877-1946) was at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights as equal citizens of Ireland. As a republican, Sheehy Skeffington also fought for an independent Ireland, but always related this struggle to how it would impact on women. In 1909 she was quoted saying ‘Until the women of Ireland are free, the men will not achieve emancipation.‘ Historian and biographer of Sheehy Skeffington, Margaret Ward, stated that Hanna Sheehy Skeffington ‘challenged both the imperial connection with Britain and the…Continue Reading “History’s rebel girls – Hanna Sheehy Skeffington”

In recent months the abortion debate in Ireland seems to have gathered momentum and pressure on the government has been growing to call a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution, the amendment which gives equal status to the rights of the mother and the unborn. In an attempt to break the stigma surrounding abortion, many Irish women have been sharing their abortion stories publicly, amongst them Irish Times columnist and writer Róisín Ingle, as well as actress and comedian Tara Flynn….Continue Reading “Protesting for choice – a lesson from history”