Hey there, how often do you wank off to porn? What? Is that question too personal to ask? I admit, it may not be the most subtle of conversation openers but I’ve always been quite socially awkward. I’ve been thinking about porn a lot lately. This has been mainly due to not getting any action in real life and because of the Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted and its spin off series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. Both set out to explore some aspects of…Continue Reading “How do I feel about porn”


For about a year now I’ve been going to therapy once a week. What got me there in the first place was a seeming inability to stay away from fuck boys. What has kept me there, is the realisation that fuck boys are the least of my problems. This was my second time attempting counselling. The first time I sought help, was when anxiety got the better of me during the final stages of my PhD. I only went to a couple of sessions back…Continue Reading “I’m a head case – one year in therapy”

Do terrorists eat biscuits? As I’m sitting on the plane, I spot the young man a row ahead of me. He looks sort of, what you call it, middle-eastern? Great. I can’t even distinguish ethnicity. He caught my attention because he is rocking back and forth, seemingly chanting something to himself. I see the little book he’s holding, a little book in Arabic script. Oh crap, a mild panic creeps up. I shouldn’t be panicking, that’s ridiculous. Why should I be worried about a darker…Continue Reading “Do terrorists eat biscuits?”

dublin expat

Heinrich Böll’s Irish Journal, first published in 1957, has arguably left the greatest impression on how Germans view Ireland. About 2 million copies of Irisches Tagebuch have been sold in German speaking countries and it is often referred to as a cult book. To this day Böll’s account of his visits to Achill Island in the mid and late 1950s still remains popular amongst German visitors to Ireland. As Fintan O’Toole explained in a recent article in the Irish Times, Böll’s depiction of Ireland as…Continue Reading “Dublin diary – A German in Ireland”

Don’t have anybody to join you on a holiday? No need to despair, there are plenty of options for solo travellers. You can book an organised group tour, look for like minded travellers on Girl Crew or just go by yourself. As Stevie Nicks sings ‘You can go your own way’. I’ve been in this position plenty of times, my friends already made other holiday plans, budgets are very different or it’s difficult to find a destination or date that suits everyone. Instead of missing…Continue Reading “Girl on tour – How to travel solo”

Life is hard, let’s face it (I’m in philosophical mode this week…) and sometimes it just seems impossible to stay positive all the time. As soon as I go online, I’m faced with inspo posts – get your positivity in only one hashtag! I’m told to be grateful for what I have and love myself just as I am. Sure, it’s easy to be grateful when you’re starting your week on a yacht in the sunny mediterranean and your life is generally fabulous. I once…Continue Reading “10 ways to hate your life”

sheehy skeffington

Irish suffragette Hanna Sheehy Skeffington (1877-1946) was at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights as equal citizens of Ireland. As a republican, Sheehy Skeffington also fought for an independent Ireland, but always related this struggle to how it would impact on women. In 1909 she was quoted saying ‘Until the women of Ireland are free, the men will not achieve emancipation.‘ Historian and biographer of Sheehy Skeffington, Margaret Ward, stated that Hanna Sheehy Skeffington ‘challenged both the imperial connection with Britain and the…Continue Reading “History’s rebel girls – Hanna Sheehy Skeffington”

What do you want to do when you grow up? As a child I definitely had an answer to that question, a librarian or a detective. I guess I wanted to keep my options open, and the detective work could have easily been done on the side, at night time. Why not spend my time doing what I love, reading and being nosey. Somehow, as I got older, figuring out what my ideal job was became more and more difficult. As part of career advice…Continue Reading “Figuring out adult life – the dream job conundrum”

angela davis

As a child growing up in the GDR I was quite familiar with the name Angela Davis. Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA was frequently invited by East German officials and perfectly suited the anti-imperialist rhetoric of the state. Back then though, I didn’t really know who Angela Davis, the woman with the impressive Afro, was. Born in 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama, Davis experienced segregation first hand. This experience undoubtedly influenced her subsequent political activism, which has been aimed at fighting political repression,…Continue Reading “History’s rebel girls – Angela Davis”

In recent months the abortion debate in Ireland seems to have gathered momentum and pressure on the government has been growing to call a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution, the amendment which gives equal status to the rights of the mother and the unborn. In an attempt to break the stigma surrounding abortion, many Irish women have been sharing their abortion stories publicly, amongst them Irish Times columnist and writer Róisín Ingle, as well as actress and comedian Tara Flynn….Continue Reading “Protesting for choice – a lesson from history”